Royal Legacy


Hi everyone!

I know many of you wanted voting to return, and many of you do not care. However I do so I returned it.
Many of you are not going to be thrilled that I am now requiring voting for your daily/weekly/monthly free rewards at /warp rewards, however, I find that what was added is fair and balanced.
It takes about 10 seconds to vote on a site, so about 20 seconds is all it takes for your daily rewards to be claimable.

So, basically, here are the major changes:
Daily: Requires 2 Votes, resets every day at 12:00am EST
Weekly: Requires 9 Votes, resets every Sunday at 12:00am EST
Monthly: Requires 24 Votes, resets on the 1st of every month at 12:00am EST of that day

New Command:

Here is what the new voting menu (for this example we are using Survival Server's voting menu) will look like, the free rewards will now turn into Cyan (gray) Stained Clay blocks, and if you hover over them, you will be able to view the amount of votes you still need to unlock them.

After you have enough votes, these blocks will turn back to quartz blocks, allowing you to click them and claim the reward again like normal. As seen below.

Overall, this will help balance the economy some. Players that join for only a few minutes and leave will likely not vote and thus not be able to obtain great items from crates. This will also help increase server awareness by bumping us on voting sites, allowing more people to find Royal Legacy easier.

No, Donor Rank Rewards do not require voting to claim the reward.

I may start doing top voter rewards also! *hint hint*

Big update to prison next!
We want to know what you want added next on any of our servers. Comment below!

Hi everyone! Here is a quick update below.

35% Sale now through June 5!

Factions PvP Tournament soon.

Second Drop Party scheduled for 3:00pm EST on Sunday June 4th

Minor update on survival - Claim Naming. You can view the claims names on /claimlist & in claim settings, along with when you enter any claim with a name. To name a claim, you must have knight or higher!
Detailed changes here:

Big updates soon. Comment what you would like to see next!

~ KingGoldensPanda
Hi everyone!
Im here with a community contest. The goal is to create the best boat racing map for a bunch of people to race in, on survival or factions. The winnings for the contest are posted below. The winner will be chosen by best design, quality, etc. of the map.
This map will be used in a youtube video, so make sure its awesome!

You may have multiple people in a group working on the map together, you will split the earnings if you win.
Comment below if you are participating or are excited to be in the video!


Winner: $500,000 & 3 Legendary Crate Keys

1. Map must take about 2 minutes to circle through
2. Made out of water
3. Have simple water traps and barriers to avoid
4. Loop around to the start

This contest will end in a few days.
Good luck everyone who participates!

Here is an example of what I would like the course to look like: