Royal Legacy


Hi everyone!
I thought you guys may like this, so we shall have one.
The rules for the skin competition are, you must wear the skin until the competition is over, and the objective is to have the best Christmas themed skin!

To enter the contest, reply below with a picture of your skin, which reward you would like if you won, and your username. It's much cooler if you edit your skin instead of stealing someone else's! (Use for a good picture, then upload to imgur and use bbcode or directly to forums!)
1 chosen together by 3 staff members on December 23rd
10 Mega Crate Keys or 10 Legendary Crate Keys or 10x 15m Mining Multiplier


May the best skin win!
- KingGoldensPanda
The major part of the update, Factions:

  • Realistic Dimension
  • Water Nation Planet
  • Deserted Dimension
Removed from server: (Less Lag!)
  • Unused Cooldown Plugin
  • Titles upon login Plugin
  • Title API Plugin
  • Unused Renaming item plugin
  • Removed Normal Pets :( (Doesn’t work anymore)
  • Removed unused Frame Map Plugin
  • Removed unused Particles for Blocks
  • Removed Useless Hologram API
  • Removed FrameProtect (Not needed sense 1.8…)
  • Removed Faction Top Command :( (Doesn’t work anymore)
  • Ranks can no longer mine spawners without silk touch :( (Doesn’t work anymore)
  • Removed Combat Logging
  • Duel Border
Updated the following:
  • /Trails for 1.11
  • Holograms to...
Hello everyone! A few of you have already taken advantage of it, but our Black Friday bundles have been released! They will be unavailable on exactly 11:59pm, so you must act quickly!!

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Black Friday Category:

Thanks for everyone's support as always!!

- KingGoldensPanda