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Please congratulate our newest Staff Member, @Livy_08_21 as Helper!! Along with @Akimoto 's promotion to Moderator!
I thank all of our staff for all the hard work they put into helping with the server, can't wait for the upcoming months planned for the Server!

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The latest news is from bending, we have done some great improvements and I'm glad to finally announce them!

Custom Enhancements:
- These have been in the making for about a month now, and are finally fully available to everyone! Custom Enhancements have a total of 15 different, unique items you may upgrade. I will list them below:
1. Auto Smelt - Automatically smelt ores to ingots, sand to glass, and nether rack to nether brick.
2. Jackhammer - Mine multiple blocks at one time.

3. Plant Breeder - When tilling the ground, you may see some seeds appear from a verity of plants!
4. Messenger - Increases your movement speed when you wear any boots.
5. Arrow Formation - Ability to shoot multiple arrows at once!
6. Piercing - Chance to bypass another players armor when in PVP.
7. Life Steal - Chance to copy the amount of damage done to a player, and turn it into health for yourself.
8. Frostbite - When in pvp, ice can magically appear around an enemy and freeze them for a few seconds!
9. Voltage - Sometimes, you become Thor and strike opponents with lightning in PVP.
10. Wolf Tamer - When hitting an opponent with any weapon, wolves may appear and assist you in your battle!
11. After Effects - Chance to explode upon death and deal ample damage to surrounding enemies.
12. Savage - Mining fatigue and Levitation...

Hello, and welcome to Royal Legacy's NEW forums!

We have done major improvements, such as a brand new Logo and forums Theme. We also reset the forums for a nice new fresh start! Thank you for all your guys's support, we wouldn't of been able to complete this update without it!

Happy bending!