Royal Legacy


Hi everyone.

At least once a year servers reset. This allows and enables new players to have equal chances with playing. Over a long period of time the economy becomes unbalanced, and some players have extreme amounts of money. The world reset would reset and allow for new exploration in all the worlds, and create new possibilities for newer players. Overall, there are many positives and negatives to a reset, overall I think it is time now for a nice reset for the world.

Reply with comments, and vote in the poll above. Yes you get ranks back, and any economic items purchased within about 10 days of the reset.


- KingGoldensPanda

As you have noticed, sky block was reset. This was due to an unfortunate series of events that I am not going to get into. The best way to fix this was simply by a reset. We are sure this won't be happening again.

All donor ranks have been reprocessed on sky block, if you changed your name and it hasn't given it to you, you can pm me on discord, or another staff member. Any items purchased under the Economy category within the last 10 days will be resent so those players can enjoy what they purchased, for they didn't really have a chance to.

Sorry, and we thank you for your patience.

- KingGoldensPanda

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