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Hi everyone!

I know everyone always has tons and tons of questions for either staff or administration, and some don't get answered. Here is your chance, ask any question in a comment below. I will reply for the next 48 hours, and answer nearly any question you have. Other staff may help answer some also!

Have fun!
> Royal Legacy Team
Tons and tons of good, bad, and mixed news below:

Before I start, sorry for the inconveniences we are trying our best to make sure they don't return. Please keep calm as we resolve these issues. I have scheduled a Drop Party on Sunday at 2:00pm EST to hopefully help you out as a token of appreciation of support through these issues.

To start off, Prison.
Our host had some issues on our servers, and we lost a lot of data in the permissions file. Unrecoverable. So I asked many players & they agreed to reset & update prison instead of using a 2 week old backup of that permissions file.
Prison will now be 1.12. We will add tons of new things to crates, redo the shop at /warp shop, and redo a majority of the economy.

Prison will Release around 11:00am on Sat July 22.
> Delayed till later Saturday evening sorry :(


NETHER RELEASED! You can go to your nether island now! Contains quartz and some spawners! Simply create a nether portal on your island to do so.
Price of obsidian increased.
Sell price of: Nether brick items, glow stone, soul sand, pumpkin, and Jack o'Lantern decreased.

Updated survival to 1.12
We increased the nether from 10k * 10k to 12k * 12k
End reset! It's a race to the shulkers.


Disguises are coming globally! Comet & Knight or higher will be able to disguise as other mobs within a week! This update is almost here! :)
/parrot & /llama will be available globally. Simply type 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 after to spawn in parrots and llamas to follow you. These commands are only available to our highest donor ranks. However, anyone with any donor rank can ride them while they follow you!
Hello everyone!
We just updated Skyblock to version 1.12, you can of course still join on any version from 1.8 to 1.11 also!
In addition to updating to 1.12, we made many other changes that have been rolled out also.

Now there are 10 levels to /gens! Within normal Minecraft we fixed a stone generator bug and an obsidian generator bug that were caused by our Generator plugin. We have added a Lapis & Redstone generator, along with 2 upgrades beyond Emerald generator, allowing for more ore spawning. Here is the new menu: (/gens)
Island team generator change: now the generator will use the highest level generator of the online players that are in the island team, so the island owner doesn't have to be online to use their generator!


We have also created a border plugin that will display a personal world border around your island! If you would like to disable it, simply click the shovel in /settings

18 Other plugins were updated to add compatibility to 1.12 in the process!
Sadly voting rewards were broken in the transfer, however @Xerox262 is working hard to re-create the plugin from scratch to bring back the rewards for you! ;)
UPDATE: Voting fixed!

On a side note, The 40% OFF EVERYTHING Summer Sale has returned. Hope you find some goodies to buy!

Other Changelog:

  • Fixed furnace room region on Prison
  • Nerfed the ranks prices from B - R for quicker ranking up
  • Demoted 2 Helpers

Thanks! Hope you continue to enjoy our network.
- Royal Legacy Administration

p.s. prison update next :)