Royal Legacy


Hello everyone!

Prison has had some rough patches in the recent months, it was time for a minor update and reset. Prior to this, the last reset was August 16!!

Release Time: Monday evening, April 17.

What was done:

  • Reset all player data
  • Reset plot world
  • Fixed a few things in spawn
  • Updated Auction House
  • Updated Buycraft
  • Updated Chat plugin
  • Added a wooden pickaxe in kit starter
  • Updated Multiple Version Handler
  • Updated 3 administrative plugins
  • Updated plot plugin
  • Redid the warp menu
The main reason was simply a fresh start. Many bugs have been patched along the way. This is simply the beginning of a new era of our Prison Server. We will make some big updates in the coming months.


p.s. Yes. all ranks have been returned on prison.

Comment below some ideas you have for prison!
Hello everyone. Many of you, I'm sure, do not know what all the enchantments are, and would like to know what all of them do. I have created a list below about all the enchantments, and information about the process of extraction and the super enchanting.
Please respond with all thoughts and ideas below in the comment section!!

*** Information subject to change. More information coming soon ***
~~ I will also make this thread look much nicer to view in the coming days. I wanted to get this information out to everyone as fast as I could --

Infinity Extraction Keys: 100% chance to successfully extract a Super Enchantment from an item, and the item will not crumble.

Where Armor = Boots, Leg, Chest, Helm, Elytra

  1. (Pickaxe) Explosive Mining: Chance to mine a 2 block radius though a small explosion
  2. (Pickaxe) Auto Smelt: Chance to automatically smelt - Coal Ore, Diamond Ore, Emerald Ore, Quartz Ore, Redstone Ore, Lapis Ore, Cobblestone, Sand - Overrides silk touch
  3. (Shovel) Explosive Digging: Chance to dig a 2 block radius through a small explosion
  4. (Fishing Rod) Super Catch: Chance to double what you catch while fishing
  5. (Bow) Shape Shift: Chance to shape shift (change) a (Skeleton, Zombie, Spider, Creeper, Cavespider, Husk, Stray, and Vindicator) into a pig
  6. (Bow) Crystalizer: Chance to freeze a (Blaze, ZombiePigman, WitherSkeleton, Ghast, Enderman, Witch, Evoker, Vex) for 4 seconds
  7. (Bow) Double Shot: Chance to shoot double arrows
  8. (Helmet) Replenish: Auto replenish food every 5, 4, or 3 minutes...
Hi all,
I'm keeping this short, this post is just regarding exact release times for Survival Pros (2.0).

Pre-Orders for survival pros 2.0 Ranks with 20% discount are now available.
Current survival originals ranked players can get a larger discount depending on their rank. Contact me on forums or any staff member. Http://

Pre-Release Passes: RELEASED /server development

Public Release: Sunday April 2, 2:00pm EST

Get ready... We are close!