Royal Legacy


Hello everyone!
We just updated Skyblock to version 1.12, you can of course still join on any version from 1.8 to 1.11 also!
In addition to updating to 1.12, we made many other changes that have been rolled out also.

Now there are 10 levels to /gens! Within normal Minecraft we fixed a stone generator bug and an obsidian generator bug that were caused by our Generator plugin. We have added a Lapis & Redstone generator, along with 2 upgrades beyond Emerald generator, allowing for more ore spawning. Here is the new menu: (/gens)
Island team generator change: now the generator will use the highest level generator of the online players that are in the island team, so the island owner doesn't have to be online to use their generator!


We have also created a border plugin that will display a personal world border around your island! If you would like to disable it, simply click the shovel in /settings

18 Other plugins were updated to add compatibility to 1.12 in the process!
Sadly voting rewards were broken in the transfer, however @Xerox262 is working hard to re-create the plugin from scratch to bring back the rewards for you! ;)
UPDATE: Voting fixed!

On a side note, The 40% OFF EVERYTHING Summer Sale has returned. Hope you find some goodies to buy!

Other Changelog:

  • Fixed furnace room region on Prison
  • Nerfed the ranks prices from B - R for quicker ranking up
  • Demoted 2 Helpers

Thanks! Hope you continue to enjoy our network.
- Royal Legacy Administration

p.s. prison update next :)

EDIT: NETWORK UPGRADED! The sever is now lag free!


Some of you may be experiencing some server block lag. We are extremely sorry about this.
I personally am working as hard as I can to get the server's running more smoothly.
To accomplish this I have purchased a second dedicated server, and it is currently having issues connecting with our current one. I am working along side of my host to have this resolved. Our servers should be running fine again by Monday June 26th.

Sorry for the inconveniences! Please bare with us while we are fixing these issues.

Thank you so much.

Please report bugs to staff!

June 19 - Pre-Access Pass
June 22 - Public Release
!!!!Big news below!!!!

Skyblock will release this coming Friday to the public. Throughout the week, we are offering pre-access to the server to those who would like to buy a pass and help us test the server, and balance the economy. If you would like to help us, visit this link:

Though I will not release a lot of information about our upcoming game mode, here are a few details that I hope (know) you will like!

We recently decided to keep the servers in a similar state, globally. Same general core, same shop design, etc. Therefor, on Skyblock also, we will have the auto-balancing economy. If some item is sold insanely, the value in the sell shop may decrease. If an item is over bought in the buy shop, the price will increase. Our new afk system allows players to not push you off the island while you are in /afk.

We created a few unique twists on the Skyblock server, to help it stand out unlike other Skyblock servers. To start, you can easily choose between 1 of 4 islands as a non-ranked player. Just use /start! If you ever need help with commands, you can pull up a menu with quick, very useful, Skyblock commands to help you out, /is help.

Ore generators have been customized and created from scratch. You can upgrade your Cobble Generators on your islands, to allow it to spawn in better blocks such as Iron Ore or even Diamond Ore. Easily access this menu through /generators or /gens for short.

Upgrades is a sweet system allowing you to increase the size your island can be and increase the amount of Team Members you can have. Simply access this by /upgrades....