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  1. John Andrus
  2. Shirley Chilton1
  3. paladin7378
    paladin7378 KingGoldensPanda
    Hello King, I am trying to buy some stuff but I keep getting the error. "You have exceeded the amount that you are allowed to spend on our webstore."

    What can I do?

    Minecraft IGN: FunnyAsian
  4. IAmPepper
    Hi! Im Amber, aka Pepper!
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    2. Salty
      nice to see you got on forums! :D
      Aug 17, 2017 at 7:35 AM
  5. paladin7378
    paladin7378 KingGoldensPanda
    Hello sir, I cannot use Emotes, Pets, Disguises, and Trails on your server (Prison mode) even though I have Overlord. I also brought VIP and the fly works just fine but not the thing mention. Any help or idea what may be going on?

    Minecraft IGN: FunnyAsian
    1. bomber12309
      Pets haven't been added yet, so it's normal that you can't use them. Do /emotes , /trails & /d to use those features.
      I don't have VIP so I'm not sure how things work
      Aug 16, 2017 at 7:26 PM
    2. paladin7378
      Awesome thank you very much!
      Aug 16, 2017 at 11:03 PM
  6. nelgo
    Currently banned by staff member FIREFIGHTER14CEE for "Killaura". No evidence provided.
  7. nelgo
    nelgo KingGoldensPanda
    Hello KingGoldensPanda, I have recently been banned on your server and have sent you my appeal. If I didn't follow your direct instructions I apologize but the moderator who banned me would not give me clear instructions on how to properly appeal. I hope what I have sent in at least meets your expectations.

    With lots of hope, Nelgo.
  8. Jamester120
    Jamester120 MinYoondini
    10/10 best person on the server
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  9. MajikShpoon
    Ahoy. Read my recent post in the introduction section.
  10. MegaGeil
  11. MegaGeil
    Hi, iam Mega ive been on this server for a bit now if you need help or have any questions to the server (Survival 2.0) message me :)
  12. Yolomaterko
    bannnnenenenenenddnndndnd perm
  13. Salty
    hi, I'm Jovelle, but everyone calls me salty:))
  14. KingGoldensPanda
  15. Asfad Yeer
  16. supergirl_OG
    hi my name is supergirl_OG, i love survival in Royal Legacy.
  17. xofiatp
  18. C4Buster
  19. Giggly
    Just keep minecraft omg just keep minecrafting
  20. dylscorop36
    dylscorop36 KingGoldensPanda
    false banned
    1. SnowGoddess
      talk to the one/mod who banned u on discord
      Aug 2, 2017
  21. gamerxliberty
    Im Loving This Server
  22. Ravaging_earth33
    Ravaging_earth33 KingGoldensPanda
    the server crashed today but before that i placed down a pig spawner now its gone can you please help

    also 3 cave spider spawners just dissapeard i put them in a chest, /backed to spawn to sell some iron, /backed back and their gone

    and the 2 cave spider spawners i had before all that dissapeard
  23. nchittock
  24. KingGoldensPanda
    Will be out of town August 2 - 7
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  25. SnowGoddess
    Watching God Eater coz mining all day is tiring
  26. MinYoondini
  27. GeoffreyWlotzka
    hope to become staff
    1. SnowGoddess
      did u apply?
      Jul 28, 2017
  28. Kyle37105
    Playing prison server.
  29. KingGoldensPanda
    Reviewing all apps within 30 hours x.x
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    2. DestroyedEpisode
      Finally ive made mine like 2 weeks ago and pls dont say i have to wait another 20 days
      Jul 26, 2017
  30. Fakehorse
    Be Great! - coach Pig