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  1. Spotstar2613
  2. Catpan
    Catpan KingGoldensPanda
    Hey, I'm gonna need you to unban me from Discord and I need to PM you about something regarding a player you banned sometime in September
    1. pawlowskiboys
      Catpan Look at Ann forums regarding that player then. Also you were probably banned from the discord for a reason so msg The staff who you think Banned you
      Nov 5, 2017
  3. MinYoondini
    Min Yoongi > Y'all
  4. pawlowskiboys
    Back to School Again
  5. pawlowskiboys
    On Fall Break and staying up late
  6. pawlowskiboys
    Posted Staff Application wish me luck
  7. pawlowskiboys
    Changed my Avatar
  8. Jamester120
    Critically combing through all you guy's staff applications on the daily
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  9. pawlowskiboys
    Also if you need help in survival msg me in server discord and I’ll do what I can to help - Rank Titan
  10. pawlowskiboys
    Binging Highschool DXD till season 4 is released
  11. Mattzeb247
    How do I apply?
  12. zStorM_aus
    got pranked :D
  13. Im_A_Panda1967
    Im_A_Panda1967 zStorM_aus
    Your my dad
    P.S. Truly is my only dad, you have been pranked my dude
  14. RealMagicFaze
    Playin' Prison!
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  15. OcelotALot
    OcelotALot KingGoldensPanda
    Hi KingGoldensPanda, I tried to join your survival server for the very first time on 10/3/17 & received a "connection lost" notice indicating that I was banned for "Ban BYpass" which will expire in 3+ days. I'm confused & would appreciate clarification. I am not sure for what I am being banned & certainly don't want to activate it again. Thanks, OcelotALot
  16. Flyingfrogs7
    Flyingfrogs7 KingGoldensPanda
    King I was just banned again while I wasn't online for something I wasn't even doing. Please help me this time. Can I activate the unban WHICH I PAID FOR but was never given? What do your mods have against me playing on royal legacy?
  17. Im_A_Panda1967
    Im_A_Panda1967 Queen Peppermint
    are you banned?
    1. Queen Peppermint
      Queen Peppermint
      Sep 29, 2017
  18. YoursTrulyxXxX
    #BringBackCreative Kruly=OTP
  19. Jamester120
    Mattezb247, Mentioning that subject is a dangerous game
  20. KingGoldensPanda
    I will catch up on notifications on here in a day or so.... I have like tons. cries.
  21. Mattzeb247
    Im trying to become helper but cant
  22. toomanybees
    There are too many bees on this profile page.
  23. Flyingfrogs7
    Flyingfrogs7 KingGoldensPanda
    King my four day ban was about to expire and I tried to log on and the ban has now been renewed and doubled. What's going on? Why am I now banned for eight days after purchasing unban. I waited patiently to be unbanned when I was informed that my ban would not be lifted by the $9 unban, but now I'm rebanned, and I'd like to know why I'm being treated like this. I would really appreciate a response.


  24. Mystiic
    ayyy this is the new facebook?
  25. Blue75
  26. Flyingfrogs7
    Flyingfrogs7 KingGoldensPanda
    Hello king. my username is flyingfrogs7. I purchased unban a few days ago because it said it was a 3 time use. I was just banned, but it's not letting me log back in. What's going on?
    1. Flyingfrogs7
      Please help ASAP, I was in the middle of building something really cool
      Sep 2, 2017
    2. MinYoondini
      It's not a 3 time use item in that sense. It can only be bought 3 times, not bought then you have 3 times to be banned in that single purchase
      Sep 2, 2017
    3. Flyingfrogs7
      oh. you should write "you can only buy this three times". I thought it just meant that if I ever get banned it would unban me and the same thing would happen two times after that. Regardless, shouldn't it at least work for this instance of me being banned?
      Sep 2, 2017
  27. Ceboo
    Ceboo KingGoldensPanda
    I lost my ranks????
  28. zizman09
    zizman09 KingGoldensPanda
    how do you change your payment method?
    1. KingGoldensPanda
      debit/credit cards can be used if you click don't have a paypal/use debit/credit cards
      Aug 30, 2017
  29. MrGrEg0r
    MrGrEg0r TyI3r
    hey you baned me. Can you show me a proof?
    1. TyI3r
      Nope. You were banned for xray. I have the proof to show higher staff for review in case they wish to review the ban. You and I both know you used xray. have a nice day, please wait out your ban.
      Aug 29, 2017
  30. paladin7378
    paladin7378 KingGoldensPanda
    Can you check your discord please? I been messaging you about wanting to buy stuff but you never reply. I tried going to the staff with my problem and they told me that you the only one that can help me. So it would be great if you will, thank you for your time.