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    I've talked about this a few times on different threads, but here I am with a solution to balance prestige (instead of just complaining about how it's not balanced like I usually do...).

    If you haven't read my previous threads then one of my problems with prestige is how mines where fortune doesn't work are horrible to go through. (I stopped playing for a week when I reached p2 clay, and I stopped using my alt for weeks at p1 clay and p2 clay).

    So, basically, just make fortune work on blocks. Here are 3 options I've thought about:

    A - Making a whole different enchant that would work on blocks. There would be 4 levels (can be different, but this seems the most balanced to me), and EVERY time you broke a block you'd get 1 more block each level. Obviously it would be pretty expensive (I'm thinking 5000 tokens for level 1, going up by 2500 each level -> would be 35k tokens to max it out and would have 600% the efficacity than without the enchant at max level). I also like this because to my knowledge there are currently 5 maxed picks (+ pick with every enchant except unbreakable) so it would give us something else to upgrade. (This is by far my favorite option)

    B - Making a different enchant, but with the same "formula" as vanilla fortune. Each level would be 2x the price of fortune (would be 15450 tokens to max, assuming that fortune price hasn't changed in the last few months). Assuming there is 10 levels, level 10 would have ~558.33% the efficaciousness of mining without that enchant.

    C - Simply making the current fortune work on blocks as well. (This is probably my least favorite option but I wouldn't complain.)

    NOTE- If B or C are added, I would also suggest a whole price rework (I might make a google sheet later, but it doesn't seem too important right now), otherwise the enchant would be too good and cheap.

    Thank you for reading, and please vote in the poll!

    (I'd also like to use this opportunity to advertise my last thread aiming to make prestige more unique and fun - http://royallegacy.us/threads/addition-change-to-prestige.12344/ )
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