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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by KingGoldensPanda, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,
    sorry I have been MIA for a while, I was extremely busy with school, however I am back now.

    To start off, there is a 40% Off EVERYTHING sale in celebration of Thanksgiving!

    SURVIVAL: I will be DOUBLING the end world border on November 26th - nice new resources to find!

    Factions: No it is not gone, needs some improvements, will return soon.

    Side Note: Guardian and Enderman Spawners require a lot of space for more frequent spawning, there is no bug in relation to this, this is just how Minecraft works now.

    Secret design update that is very intriguing and well deserved. coming this week.

    Bug Fixes: I bolded some of the major fixes! :)

    • Global: Fixed a spacing issue with leave messages
    • Global: Added /music to every server & fixed the bug where some song names didn't display, removed some broken songs
    • Global: "New" rule defined in the rules, no inappropriate skins
    • Hub: Fixed the issue where you were kicked for flying because of some gadgets
    • Survival: Enabled Border Particles
    • Survival: Enabled Border Glass (Blocking Intruders for Elder+ - /claim settings)
    • Survival: Added Player Vaults
    • Survival: Disabled users from breaking boats or mine carts in claimed land! Hurahhh!
    • Survival: Decreased Slime Spawner cost by $35,000
    • Skyblock: Added Player Vaults
    • Skyblock: Decreased Slime Spawners cost by $5,000
    • Skyblock: Increased Blaze Rod sell price by $3
    • Skyblock: Increased Blaze Powder sell price by $1
    • Prison: Updated Player Vaults System & Converted all the old data so there wasn't data loss
    • Prison: Locked some armor stands to avoid issues
    • Prison: Fixed the bug that would send 2 afk messages
    • Prison: Disabled being able to place lava or water in the mines
    • Factions: Decreased Slime Spawner cost by $50,000
    Custom Enchantment Bug Fixes: (Survival, Skyblock, Factions)
    • Fixed Torch: you can now get it from Custom Enchanting...
    • Fixed Infinity Blade: major unbalanced setting on lv 2, Decreased Strength to II, Decreased lv 3 % of chance a very minor amount
    • Balanced Detonate: Lowered the % of chance by a very minor amount for balancing
    • Fixed Detonate: Damaging yourself, and no longer damages mobs
    • Fixed a message if you already have all the maximum level of all the custom enchantments on an item
    • Fixed an issue where it would take your magic dust if you already have the maximum custom enchantments, *should* no longer be an issue
    • Bug Fix with Magnet: It now works with mcMMO! Thank @Xerox262
    • Increased Explosive Mining power
    • Disabled explosive mining on Leaves, Dirt, Sand, Gravel, Grass, Glass, and a few other useless blocks to this enchantment
    Tell us what you would like to see next in the comments below! We have some more minor issues to fix, however this is a majority of them. Thanks to everyone whom reported these issues.
    I will send out some more news soon!
    KingGoldensPanda & Staff

    To access Player Vaults, click this guy or type /pv

    Next is the main menu. To access free vaults or purchasable with in game currency, click the left chest. To access premium donor vaults that come with ranks, click the right chest. For some information, click the book.

    The first row is free for everyone! To purchase additional rows, hover over the next row down and click any red glass in that row to purchase and unlock the row. As you can see in this photo below, there are 2 additional rows on top of the free row that you may unlock in this player vault

    Finally, donor vaults. To unlock a row, you simply must have purchased the rank from our store. If you have Fugitive, you will have Thief, Smuggler, and Convict rows already unlocked! Purchasable at

    Hope you like the new Player Vaults!
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    OwO wots dis king doing things?
    Demote me
    Still in vote for a /wel That welcomes new players
    Still in vote for it too say
    OwO Wots Dis New Player, Welcome *said player* to the Server!
    10/10 would set up (but really please hand typing a welcome kills me xD I'm lazy save me)
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  3. CaptainCrazy

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    lovin it keep it up
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  4. Pajamarama80

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    Infinity blade II hardly procs anymore.
  5. toomanybees

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    Student (yes fascinating)
    New Zealand
    How about a fix to the /is settings in skyblock? Clicking any of the blocks has no effect ;-;
    Also, clicking the options for Claim Border Particles and Scoreboard in /settings say "you are not allowed to do this"

    The fixes/updates so far are great though! :D
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