Skeleton Spawners vs. Wolves

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by aquanight, Feb 9, 2018.

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    This came up in Survival Chat, so I figured it should be posted here to ask for clarification.

    If a tamed wolf kills skeletons from a spawner, those skeleton will still drop XP and bows. With skeleton spawners, this makes it possible to create an AFK farm that drops XP and loot that would otherwise be "player kill only" (namely, damaged unenchanted bows). Wither Skeletons are also affected. To my knowledge, this is the only AFK farm configuration that can do so.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Prepare an 11x11 floor of bottom slabs with a light level below 7, preferably one you don't need to fly to get to.
    2. Tame a wolf.
    3. Lead the tamed wolf to the prepared area. Leash not required but helpful.
    4. Place a "SKELETON Spawner" in the center of the area.
    5. Make note of your XP gauge.
    6. Observe the spawner for some time. Soon enough skeletons will spawn and then get dog-piled.
    7. Pick up the resulting XP orbs and other drops.
    Actual Results:
    I bite Skeleton. Skeleton fall over and leave green shiny thing. I good dog.

    Expected Results: ????

    Confirmed on Survival @ X: -8945, Z: 3383, Y: 69. Likely also affects Skyblock and really everywhere.

    I'm not 100% sure this is an actual "bug", since the behaviors involved here do not deviate from vanilla Minecraft - except for the spawners themselves. In vanilla MC it is normal for wolf kills to count as player kills for the purpose of drops, and likewise it is normal for even tamed wolves to auto-attack skeletons, without regard to how it was spawned. However, the nature of spawners on this server makes this particularly effective as the wolves do not fear retaliation as they might against a vanilla spawner.

    Nonetheless, at least one helper suggested it might be a problem, so here we are.

    Possible impacts of this build:
    • The only AFK source of XP to feed the enchantment table, the anvil, and Mending. Note that you could hypothetically let a pack of wolves loose inside a "natural spawn" grinder ... but even a single natural-spawn zombie can kill a wolf on this server, and don't even mention creepers. The XP rate, in general, is probably not that great. Spawner skeletons don't drop very much XP, but the rate of a given grinder would ultimately depend on a balance between # of skeleton spawners and # of wolves. It's probably faster to use a manual-kill Blaze spawner.
    • AFK source of bows to use when repairing Infinity-enchanted bows. (Although you can farm spiders for string and sticks literally grow on trees.)
    • Wolves will also auto-attack Wither Skeletons, but I have not confirmed if you can get wither skull drops this way.
    I will need clarification, as if this is ultimately deemed to be a "bug" then I will necessarily need to remove my wolves from the spawner. I will leave them in place for now so that any staff wanting to observe the setup in action can do so.
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    I already put the question to King
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