NEWS Skyblock Reset & Massive Updates

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by KingGoldensPanda, Mar 17, 2018.

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    Before I start:


    Hi everyone its been a while!

    Im back with some major server updates (this time around mostly featuring Skyblock)

    Firstly yes, Skyblock has been reset. You should all have your ranks back, however if you do not, then type it in on the server store, and it should refresh it. If you still don't have it back by about 20 minutes after you have done such, then message me on discord (KingGoldensPanda#7671)

    There is an extraordinarily long list for the changes that have all been made in the past week, so lets get right into that...
    First, I added a few new packages & updated a few packages on the server store! (

    • All ranks display the updated (from months ago) 4 hour afk kick (from the 30 minutes non-donor afk kick)
    • Removed Fractions Category from Store for the time being
    • Updated Skyblock & Survival & Prison ranks to display new /elytra command, Disguises, and Skyblock's rewards changes
    • Survival: Shulker Box is now only $10!!
    • Skyblock: Increased IGM Packages: $50,000 -> $100,000 and $250,000 -> $500,000
    • Skyblock: Added Shulker Box package! Under Sky | Economy Category
    • Skyblock: Added new Spawners Category, Including: Enderman, Pig Zombie, Iron Golem, and Villager Spawners
    Secondly, I made a few small changes on FORUMS:
    • Staff Member: Updated Custom Enchantment thread to include the levels
    • Staff Member: The Rules had a significant update. Please view them.
    • Moved ratings underneath your signature
    • Set a limit to your signature max height
    • Removed Report Bugs Category - Discord is a better location for reporting bugs. Other categories can be used if necessary
    • Removed Player Reports Category - Again, like bug reports, it is easier to use discord. You can also use /report in game.
    Globally I added the following:
    • /website - Link to the Server’s Website
    • /store - Link to the Server’s Store
    • /apply - Link to apply for staff
    • /discord - Link to Server’s Discord Server
    • /youtube or /yt - Link to Server’s Youtube Account
    • /twitter - link to Owner’s Twitter Account
    • Helpers can no longer modify other player’s Player Vaults, only MOD’s may.
    • Disabled an error allowing you to able to chat in yellow (not sharing how)
    • Updated 8 plugins everywhere for bug fixes & very small changes
    • ADDED BRAND NEW ELYTRA FLYING PLUGIN (Replaces the former one which was more complex to use and replaces a bunch of bugs. We also have a much better GUI menu now. New command is /elytra)

    Next up is the HUB:
    These updates were mostly surrounding a Compatibility Update, amongst a brand new hub (picture below) !! I updated the hub to 1.12.2, it was time to leave 1.8.8 behind. The entire network still supports players logging in on any versions beginning from 1.8.0 - 1.12.2.

    • Updated 12 plugins, added 1 new plugin
    • Removed 3 unnecessary plugins, disabled unnecessary data, and cleaned up a few directories

    A few small updates to Prison:

    • Removed Horse Armor Set from the Majestic Crate
    • Added an Elytra to Majestic Crate
    A few little changes to Survival:
    • Blocked /top in PvP arena so you cannot go out of the barriers
    • Epic Crate: $6,000 -> $5,000 and 20 Dust -> 35 Dust and 16 Diamonds -> 14 Diamonds
    • Legendary Crate: 60 Dust -> 80 Dust
    • Added Slime Spawner to Legendary Crate
    • /ench cooldown - view anywhere how much longer your cool down is for Super Enchanting or Extracting
    • Super Enchantments: Shovels can now be enchanted with Magnet!
    • Removed slime spawner from buy shop
    • Added Granite, Andesite, Diorite, Cocoa beans

    And now... Skyblock:

    • Server Reset
    • Added more space between your chat and username:
    • /ench cooldown- view anywhere how much longer your cool down is for Super Enchanting or Extracting
    • Fixed spacing issues under the Island Guide
    • You can now use the /help GUI menu
    • Changed Island Help GUI title
    • Changed Warp Menu GUI title
    • Added Music to help menu & Disguise & Emote buttons to the help menu for donors
    • Removed repeated word in a delay message when clicking to fast in GUI.
    • Changed back buttons names stating where they lead to in the help menu
    • Disabled /top In the PvP arena so you cannot go out of the barriers
    • Increased Cookie Maker Challenge rewards and repeated rewards
    • Fixed Baker & Farmer Challenges text issue
    • Updated Spawner prices in Buy Shop
    • Removed Slime Spawner from Buy Shop
    • Added Slime Spawner to Legendary Crate
    • Added Granite, Diorite, Andesite, and Cocoa Beans to Buy Shop
    • Epic Crate: $300 -> $2,500 and 5 Diamonds -> 32 Diamonds and 30 Dust -> 60 Dust and $500 -> $4,000
    • Legendary Crate: $1500 -> $20,000 and 2 Diamond blocks -> 24 Diamond Blocks and $4,000 -> $35,000 and 60 Dust -> 100 Dust
    • Better Rewards:
      • Daily - $35 -> $100
      • Cloud - $200 -> $5,000
      • Comet - $300 -> $15,000
      • Star - $500 -> $25,000
      • Moon - $1,000 -> $35,000
      • Sun - $2,000 -> $50,000
    • Super Enchantments: Shovels can now be enchanted with Magnet
    • Increased nether star sell price to $2500
    • You now take fall damage on other people’s islands as visitors (No more acrobatics exploit.. ;) )

    Thanks so much for supporting us!

    Please send me a comment below, we worked extremely hard and long hours completing all these updates, comment below anything - suggestions, favorite parts of the update - anything!

    Thanks again,
    - KingGoldensPanda

    DISGUISES ARE AVAILABLE GLOBALLY NOW! (/d) Requires Donor Ranks! (Excluding Cloud, Squire, Thief)

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