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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Spotstar2613, Feb 17, 2018.

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    Hello, I am Spot and here are my suggestions for the server :D.

    1. Make /pong say Ping!. Right now if you type /ping or /pong they both say Pong!. I think /pong should say Ping! because it would make more sense.

    2. Disable the **ENEMY BLEEDING** message from mobs that come from spawners. Mobs that come from spawners don't have their proper ai when they get spawned. So I think getting your chat spammed is not necessary. If you disable the message from only spawner mobs it would be a lot better instead of having to do /mcnotify and disable all ability notifications.

    3. When you do a custom enchant, there is a cool down and a timer. However, you can only see this timer when you are standing next to the enchant area. I think there should be a command that tells you the amount of time left or put the timer on the scoreboard on the right of the screen. I think this would be very useful especially for guardian farmers because when they go to check if they can enchant, their guardians all de-spawn.

    4. Coloured tool/armour/nametag names, I think it would be a cool idea (if it's possible) to be able to colour your tools and armour etc. in an anvil the same way you could do it with /nick. It could be for ELDER+ (just like /nick for the ranks) and there could possibly be formats for the higher ranks.

    5. Command to disable/enable the sudden boost you get when shifting with an elytra. I thin this would be very useful for many players who wear an elytra on a regular basis, it is annoying when building or walking in precarious places to suddenly be shot off a cliff or something.

    6. Make explosive mining and digging custom enchantments not affect redstone components. It is really annoying when you are trying to mine/dig an area and it completely destroys your complicated redstone door 8 times....

    7. I think you should make an addition in game or to the custom enchantment thread stating the maximum levels of each enchant. Would be super helpful!

    (might edit and add more)

    The end, thanks for reading.
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    i agree entirely with it all
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    Custom Enchantment page edited to be formatted more prettier-er-er and includes enchantment range.
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    1. cant its an alias for /ping - they do the same thing
    2. don't believe this is possible but I will look into (don't get hopes up at all tho - 90% sure won't be able to bc mcmmo sucks)
    3. Adding
    4. Adding
    5. Already done
    6. Shouldn't use explosive mining near builds
    7. Thank auv lel

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