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Do you think that a rule should be made to not be able to grind with super enchants?

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  1. YouAreValid

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    In survival I believe there is a problem with people with super enchants on their swords grinding at public grinders. Some super enchants spawn things that could kill noobs(the ones who will vastly benefit from going to grind there)ie: tnt, it makes it hard to grind and overall I think it's unfair and not a pleasant thing to deal with. But ya that's just what I think. Hope this is looked over, thanks :)
  2. pawlowskiboys

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    It does t harm them unless pvp is allowed?
  3. Auvreaeath

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    I believe from experience of Kubrics wrath; Detonate (and maybe Energized) still harm you if you're close enough for the explosion/lightning. Also summoning curse skeletons will hunt you down without hesitation.

    My issue with this is that ‘public grinders’ aren’t really a core element of gameplay. Most if not all of the rules are meant to establish mechanics that effect everybody and are unavoidable. With public grinders it's really just an option for new and existing players to use given by those kind enough to establish them. With that, whoever owns the spawner is essentially in charge of what rules they want in that area; I think at a time Bomber had rules/guidelines to using his Spawners and if you breached those you'd either be banned from using it and/or killed when you're found there.

    General thoughts; it sucks because a lot of higher tier players constantly use these spawners pushing out newer players but we can't really enforce a rule to tell them not to use certain weapons. If they're around when people are using these super enchant weapons the best advice is to just leave until they can get some time in without anyone else around. Although it's rude and unfair we can't really enforce something on a player driven aspect of gameplay.

    The idea is solid it just needs to appeal towards those who've made the public grinders and the community.

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