The Story of a Spot and an Auv

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    So here's a little story that I think you'll like- It's not about Shaq or Iron Mike- So buckle your seatbelts it's gonna get choppy, and listen to the tale of the time I fought Spotty? Oof that didn't rhyme to well... Well here's a fun little collage of pictures and words for all of you forum-viewers.

    Once upon a time a little BlobFish placed two pieces of Bedrock in the most inconvenient place I have ever seen and called it, a "spotwich" only a name designed by Nether-ish creatures and the like.

    Although annoying, it became a memorable piece of architecture within our house. However the idea was still there... How would I get the lad back. It needed to be devious, it needed to be vengeful.. It needed to inspire the same level of despair if not more that seeing those two blocks gave me. Then today the plan came to fruition.

    Spot's been building an incredibly design base on his own recently with an even more outstanding hidden door. He recently showed it to me in-game and so I made a joke, I bought some Bedrock and said "Hey Spot!" Quickly I was taken care of and the threat disappeared. Or so he thought. Although I may not have been able to Squire my way /back to his house I had the coordinates. And my 12k block journey from spawn began.

    He followed me at first, probably curious as to my upabouts. But the wanderer has but one course and that was not for Spot to discover all too easily.... Well- Though he quickly discovered my devious plot, the struggle began. He stopped my sailing across the many oceans throwing out all of his mighty counter moves, such as standing in front of my boat which for some reason stops me. He called forth earthquakes and thunderstorms to prevent my travels, but I withheld and soon.. Spot had to log off.

    Perfect for the full plan to unfold, I quickly and tediously rebuilt a rough draft of his entire terrain + build and prepared my singleplayer world, adjusting my levels, inventory, and armour to perfectly match my stats in-game and set the trap. A quick Snap to Spot to get his anxiety to the max. Although I told him not to worry; I knew he would double so. The picture was sent... However he wasn't able to confirm whether it was singleplayer or not (but it was)

    Seeing the agony in his words, knowing he not only felt the same pain I had felt but nearly 10x more. My mission had been completed. After waiting for him to unblock me, the final picture was sent and Spot, and now all of you- may basque in the true glory of the first ever Auv-wich. Less harmful to consume than those devilish Spot-wich you might see at local grocery stores. (Fast food chains coming soon, get them while they're hot!)

    Sorry Spert <3 Ily- Thank you for being the troll friend that every person needs and thank you for accepting this albeit cruel and unusual retaliation to your strange and blob like ways.
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