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    I made this essay in school because i was bored and planned to share it here when i made it. here it is.

    Have you noticed we have been losing players on skyblock and prison? This is because they have not reset in a while. Players are beginning to get bored and have nothing to do. We know its time.It is about time we reset skyblock and prison

    Skyblock is a gamemode everyone loves. It was the most popular on the server at one point. But people have been losing interest since they have OP grinders, gear, and islands. People have even stated in game in this screenshot that they think it's time. The highest is level is in the hundred thousands. And the last reset was in september. Most of our og players went to skyblock, and lost interest in january/february and quit because they are finished. The island challenges they had complete. This is why i and many others think skyblock should reset

    Prison last reset julyish 2017 because the prison files corrupt *correct me if im wrong* and there were tons of people on prison. That was in may. Its march. It's been around 8 months. People are free and have been free forever. There are even people that are max prestige free. My point is, people have completed it a long time ago, and people are again getting bored. This reset would be good to give the people of prison more to do and keep them from moving to other servers.

    People are bored, and we think it's time to reset. People are moving onto other servers that reset frequently for more to do because our servers have not reset in a while and they are bored. Please give me your feedback and lets get our players back!

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    My feedback: don’t reset prison
    Because people that were not even close too free will be upset
    If king has the mechanics to setup P3 and P4 people won’t be bored but resetting the whole prison server is silly and a waste of people’s time.
    As for sky lock I don’t play but I understand people want it reset, it’s also maybe because there isn’t much too do on skyblock though resetes are supposed too be every year not every time people get bored. Maybe if people stop fighting too reach Top island so fast it wouldn’t get boring so fast, but too skyblock that is the only real thing too it, maybe if suggesting new things to skyblock people wouldn’t feel bored.
    In conclusion
    Resetting prison is silly
    Resetting skyblock I can understand but resetting a server merely becaue people got bored is tiring and annoying for new players
    Yours Truly, YoursTrulyx
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    United States
    7/10 Essay :c Was ready to read much more!!?

    Here's a link to another 'Reset Skyblock' opinion made by Bilboopx not too long ago and I'm sure there was another thread I just couldn't see it fast enough. As I said on my response to that post, resetting skyblock although might fix the player count in the short term; within just a few months we'll face the same issues. If anything- before jumping into the reset skyblock hype it should be discussed among the community what features would improve game play accompanying a skyblock reset that King could take into consideration.

    And then same with Prison for the most part, resetting prison would also bring about a good opportunity to balance and revamp already existing aspects of the server but like Truly mentioned, it'd also solve the lack of stuff to do issue that very few high tier players are facing just by adding a third and fourth prestige.

    But at the moment it's a waiting game though to see what King already has in store for us all.
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    (not an essay smh it's so short)

    Reset Prison (my thread)
    Reset Skyblock (boop's thread)
    But, yeah. They both really need a reset.
    Also, survival has reset twice since either prison or skyblock did. I'm jealous

    Slime spawners used to be 80k + slime blocks sold for way more. It's like, pretty much impossible for anyone new to get on baltop now because slime spawners are 400k (last time I checked) and slime sells for like, the third of what it used to. Andddd that also makes it pretty much impossible for newer players to get on /is top.
    (I don't really have any other argument. But I would probably actually play skyblock if it did reset.)

    I have my arguments in my other thread linked above, but I guess I'll repeat them.
    Prison should've reset after we had to wait months in free before prestige was released. Some of us ( m e ) saved up hundreds of mms and got a maxed pick, which made p1 and p2 too easy... which made king increase prices (i assume that's why) which made it harder for newer players (by that I mean people who reached free after prestige was added).
    The prices are never adjusted to any rank, they just go up by 5k every once in a while. Which makes A-Z too easy and every rank after that way too hard. I've stopped playing prison for around a week THRICE while in clay because going through it was unbearable. Even if they were adjusted it would be pretty much broken... Clay rankup should be much lower than A-Z, but let's say you 300% Z, you'd be able to skip more ranks. So something has to change.
    Also, most people who do prestige have pretty much stopped playing because it's boring and/or too hard (no perks, nothing special comes from prestiging except a few keys and a piece of armor that is basically useless since like, no one pvps and even if we did we wouldn't want to risk losing that piece of armor).

    Pick system
    Unbreakable is almost impossible to get (no one has gotten it since the price was raised, which was like 3 months ago...) i mean, yeah it might be a bit OP but honestly all raising the price does is make picks that already have unbreakable even OP-er. If it does reset, either the price should be realistic or make every pick unbreakable (like the old system) and adjust token rates/enchant prices.
    Also, this is more personal since very few people were affected by this, but when it first reset there were very fewer enchants (Eff, unb, fortune, lightning, explosive, laser, treasure chest were pretty much it) and they weren't balanced. So I got the best pick possible (with the few enchants that there were) really quickly which made it really easy to get a ton of tokens (i remember king even voiding my tokens balance because i guess i had too many.) and then to rankup easily. But, on a less personal note, enchants weren't all added at the same time so some of us didn't have to go through choosing which enchants to get because it was obvious (since there were so few to upgrade.)

    So I really do think it needs a reset to deal with these issues.

    -------------------------- (divider thing because i'm talking about something else now i guess)

    Prison is going to reset eventually, whether it be because of a pick system change, too many people are at max prestige or anything. It might as well be now so issues (see above >.>) can be resolved and make the game more balanced.
    Adding p3 and p4 will definitely not fix anything. Everyone at p2 free has a maxed pick so it's impossible to upgrade it anymore so it'll just be doing the same thing over and over again. And in a few weeks we'll be p4 free. So it'll just repeat over and over .... eventually rankups will be $1M each in higher prestiges and I doubt anyone wants to get $15M in clay.
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    smol yea not gunna happen bud
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